Maitland Smith is for those who unequivocally appreciate the unique. The foundation of this brand is built upon whimsical expression punctuated by an one-a-kind orchestration or rare, hand-crafted techniques and globally curated materials. Well-known for many specialties including wood veneers, inlaid shells and lost wax cast metal mounts as well as traditional vegetable tanned and hand-tooled leather. Brass, shell, stone, hair hide and faux shagreen are just a few of the multitude of materials that are used to create Maitland-Smith treasures.

La Barge is known for its luxurious and sophisticated assortment of mirrors and tables. La Barge has continued to provide the finest products fashioned by the world’s most skilled artisans with flawless craftsmanship using time honored skills such as detailed hand-carving and reverse painted glass.