Barbara Barry
The Barbara Barry style is pared down and refined; hers is a look that speaks to elegance of form and simplicity of line. It is a style that creates a feeling of tranquility, providing a respite for her clients’ lives. Barbara’s eye for the past coupled with her unwavering commitment to form over fashion has been at the heart of her success.

The award winning interior designer has created homes for many prominent American families as well as restaurants and retail spaces that are international in the scope and sophisticated in their mood. Among her prestigious commissions are Eli Broad’s Foundation office along with his Manhattan apartment in the Sherry Netherland, Mike Ovitz” offices in Los Angeles, the Savoy Grill in London, Michael Mina’s restaurant in the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, the Avon Spa in New York and the sixth floor of Brooks Brothers’ flagship store in Manhattan.

Today Barbara Barry’s passion for beauty finds expression in many forms through her various licensing partnerships with renowned companies throughout the world. From bedding and fabric to lighting and tabletop, the designer has developed a cohesive collection of products that support her vision of “everyday elegance”.