Kutmec Designers

Jeandrè and Nanet Botha met each other at Inscape Design College a private university in Pretoria, South Africa where they earned their Bachelor in Design in 2008.

Shortly after graduating, they moved to Dubai, UAE to pursue their love of design. Since their marriage in 2010, they’ve united their design expertise in working with diverse clients in a wide range of industries, some of which include residential, medical, exhibition, event planning, styling, and custom furniture design. 

Fueled by a passion for design, a sense of exploration, an eye for beauty, attention to detail, and versatility in design, this husband and wife design team strive to provide enthusiasm through their unique ability to work together to deliver results on client driven solutions. While they incorporate a slight organic feel in all their design projects, their design philosophy is not to have a specific style, but rather to reflect a client’s tastes while recognizing current trends with basic and complex principles of good design.

Anesta Du Preez, also Inscape Design College alumni, has a passion for fabrics, interiors and the great outdoors. A girl from the countryside who fell in love with the fast-paced city life! Inspired by nature, Anesta loves to design around light, color and contrast and texture. Anesta has been working on design projects ranging from residential design to corporate design in countries around the world.